The Next Money Pit Project Car Revealed

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It’s time we say goodbye to our Miata … it won’t be forever BUT we have a brand spankin new car! We have big plans for our new build so stop reading this and go watch the vid!

We have a new channel!

Money Pit is where you get to learn about cars as we work on them. Each ep we’ll breakdown how each component works and then we’ll upgrade it. Join us in our journey to build cool cars, learn about them, and drive the crap out of them!

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  1. chris baker

    chris baker11 daqiqa oldin

    The second he uncovered the car I imagined the video of that rally e36 jump drift

  2. Mesni Burek

    Mesni Burek22 daqiqa oldin

    Even when it was covered with the blanked I knew what it was gonna be

  3. Sven van Wier

    Sven van Wier24 daqiqa oldin

    the rot is the "red" not hating just stating

  4. Steve Holt

    Steve Holt25 daqiqa oldin

    Prepare to be smoked by stock non turbo Imprezas

  5. JohnnyWishbone85

    JohnnyWishbone8544 daqiqa oldin

    I knew it would be a freakin E36. :P I'm surprised you didn't go with an M3 for the extra ridiculousness factor.

  6. Sk8er Boy

    Sk8er BoySoat oldin

    He forgot to check the blinker fluid smh

  7. Dorel Puiu

    Dorel PuiuSoat oldin

    4.000 bucks for this perfect beauty

  8. gallonoffuel

    gallonoffuelSoat oldin

    "...that's not what you really want in a rally car, you want a manual" *shows clip using the e-brake and not the shifter*

  9. Vinayak Khare

    Vinayak KhareSoat oldin

    Damn! Super excited!!

  10. Alfred noe

    Alfred noeSoat oldin

    sooo cooool!!!

  11. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo2 soat oldin

    Ngl, I feel like a legacy would've been the perfect budget rally car, the e36 is nice, but rally isn't quite their best use

  12. Mattias Eensaar

    Mattias Eensaar2 soat oldin

    Madmax irl

  13. Teo Alessio

    Teo Alessio2 soat oldin

    U are building a hoonigan shitcar rally we all wanted

  14. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah3 soat oldin

    Smooth transiation

  15. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah3 soat oldin


  16. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo2 soat oldin

    Jesus there so pricey over there you can get them for like £800 here 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  17. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah3 soat oldin

    Our new e36, communism comrade

  18. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah3 soat oldin

    Or maybe a old porsche i thought

  19. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah3 soat oldin

    I thought a ford or something

  20. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah3 soat oldin

    If a youtuber puts a timer on a add, you know its’ gonna be good

  21. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah3 soat oldin

    Cool intro

  22. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah3 soat oldin

    Rally car???!???!!! Cool

  23. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah3 soat oldin


  24. Cris

    Cris3 soat oldin

    Wow. This video makes me sick! What is with the super shaky cam dude????

  25. ady

    ady3 soat oldin

    I called it I said this when they even mentioned a new car I said it was a 36 god why do you do this its just such a boring ass car

  26. f2bacon

    f2bacon3 soat oldin

    i beg for the next round to be battle vans or project trucks

  27. Anthony Randisi

    Anthony Randisi4 soat oldin

    Welp, if E36 prices werent already sky high...heres to $20k+/150,000 mile E36's 😂

  28. Fridtjof Müller Köster

    Fridtjof Müller Köster4 soat oldin

    Sheesh 7:57

  29. Fridtjof Müller Köster

    Fridtjof Müller Köster4 soat oldin

    Sheeesh 7.57

  30. L.A Garage

    L.A Garage4 soat oldin

    Jesus there so pricey over there you can get them for like £800 here 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  31. Adan ICT 1205

    Adan ICT 12054 soat oldin

    Still waiting for ne season of hi and low it was a great show

  32. Edward Saldivar

    Edward Saldivar4 soat oldin

    soooo, i guess it is reliable... it didnt even come with an oil filter!

  33. Eric Ernst

    Eric Ernst4 soat oldin

    25nm to lb ft is 18.4. I usually use 4/3 ratio for quick calculations.

  34. Johnny Sixx

    Johnny Sixx4 soat oldin

    Next Hi low should be 2004 mustangs

  35. peen

    peen4 soat oldin

    watch them 4wd swap it

  36. metromurph

    metromurph5 soat oldin

    Rally car but not a subaru or Mitsubishi or toyota or hell ive even seen successful hondas in rally and even a few miatas at the course this last weekend

  37. Toni

    Toni5 soat oldin

    Will you do a ``weight reduction`` video or something like that with this car?

  38. Dillon Surratt

    Dillon Surratt5 soat oldin

    Damn the boys comin in hot with a trans swap

  39. nebulix72

    nebulix725 soat oldin


  40. Ricky Verdugo

    Ricky Verdugo5 soat oldin

    1st gen tacosssss 🌮

  41. Sucoma

    Sucoma5 soat oldin

    Thanks now my clapped out bimma is twice worth its value💯🤝🤝

  42. Uncle B

    Uncle B5 soat oldin

    Your 3 laps are more about measuring your comfort with the course. It wont be an accurate representation of the car. Your baseline should be faster bc your first two laps were really sighting laps

  43. Mtc -4D56

    Mtc -4D565 soat oldin

    Zach Jobe is really the Jesus of Donut Media

  44. FreeShots TV

    FreeShots TV6 soat oldin

    No joke, looks like the „Cars“ scene with hudson

  45. the anonymous driver

    the anonymous driver6 soat oldin

    Exactly what I wanted, only wished you used a fwd cat as that's what most of us have.

  46. LaGantoise

    LaGantoise6 soat oldin

    I hope there's a 1JZ hanging on that manual transmision.

  47. huuugo

    huuugo6 soat oldin

    Are you going to swap in a sequential gearbox? It is a rally build after all

  48. Breno Marinho

    Breno Marinho6 soat oldin


  49. Ian Price

    Ian Price6 soat oldin

    How about a sequential 👀

  50. Ronald Large

    Ronald Large6 soat oldin

    Dig the new intro too.

  51. Ohlyver

    Ohlyver6 soat oldin

    I would’ve gone with a Volvo 850 or S70 from the 90’s for a rally build. We’re used now to seeing these as drift cars but they were also great rally platforms back then

  52. Sándor Kis

    Sándor Kis6 soat oldin

    First Money Pit: Miatas are good for track day and canyon fun. E36 is great for drifting. Jeep Wranglers are for offroading. S1 build: Track day Miata. S2 build: Offroad E36. Im excited to see a drift mod Wrangler in S3

  53. Vivek Aaraga

    Vivek Aaraga7 soat oldin

    Writing this before I watched at the video - is the new car a Mercedes E class? Ah well it’s a Beemer! It’s German and technically an “E”. 🤓

  54. Matt Arici

    Matt Arici7 soat oldin

    Finally working on a car makes way more sense.

  55. Luca _tdn

    Luca _tdn7 soat oldin

    Induction kitttt plsssss

  56. Colyers

    Colyers7 soat oldin

    I've owned 4 E36s. Hyped for this series.

  57. Jakub Komárek

    Jakub Komárek8 soat oldin

    This for rallying? 5 door, leather inside, automatic, 6 cylinder for rallying?! 😃 Is this a joke?

  58. Css Timejumper

    Css Timejumper8 soat oldin

    Looks very funnny Tom Drive in Theke desert 😍 i m Little Bit envious 😍👌

  59. Jakub Komárek

    Jakub Komárek8 soat oldin

    Its a shame even under the cover you instantly knew it is what it is… 😃 but appreciate the effort

  60. Coldhill Garage

    Coldhill Garage8 soat oldin

    Why did u change the intro? 😭😭😭

  61. D Swizzle

    D Swizzle8 soat oldin

    Could tell from the thumbnail it was gonna be a e36

  62. Zak Fox

    Zak Fox9 soat oldin

    Being from the UK, seeing a clean unmodified 328 e36 being used for rally is painful to watch.

  63. SimonTrent8000

    SimonTrent80009 soat oldin

    Uncle Rodney is knocking 15:01

  64. Der Man

    Der Man9 soat oldin


  65. Der Man

    Der Man8 soat oldin

    Please send me the interior and everything else you strip out of this car 😍😍 I'll pay shipping. I would love to have this light interior 😍😍

  66. Der Man

    Der Man8 soat oldin

    It is actually my dream car, I bought it when I turned 18

  67. Salar zareh

    Salar zareh9 soat oldin

    pls make a "up to speed: everything you need to know about Peugeot " like if you agree 👍

  68. Michael

    Michael10 soat oldin

    What? :v

  69. senni bgon

    senni bgon10 soat oldin

    Wonder how long until there’s an episode titled “how to get rid of check engine light on an E36”

  70. Xsidon

    Xsidon10 soat oldin

    E36 fuck yeeeeeeee

  71. Jovante G

    Jovante G10 soat oldin

    For manual mode. Start in first with the drive stick all the way down the gear box. Move up one for a higher gear and so on.

  72. Daniel Blaney

    Daniel Blaney10 soat oldin

    Don't just put a normal manual in slap a sequential in that bad boy, then your rallying

  73. senni bgon

    senni bgon10 soat oldin

    Thank you for increasing the value of my 95 m3

  74. Samuel Pyle

    Samuel Pyle10 soat oldin

    homeboy looks like a renaissance painter

  75. 00 48

    00 4810 soat oldin

    its a beamer

  76. NotSweaty_

    NotSweaty_10 soat oldin

    1:41 and i already know which car it is

  77. Parzival Fitz

    Parzival Fitz10 soat oldin

    Dang I was hoping for an sc400

  78. abdullah S

    abdullah S11 soat oldin

    90s rally bmw donut I'm happy

  79. Chris Seitz

    Chris Seitz11 soat oldin

    This is going to be a fantastic series. I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys will do with the engine.

  80. lxl. lunacy

    lxl. lunacy11 soat oldin

    Can we got hi vs low?

  81. ed3tun

    ed3tun12 soat oldin

    loving this project already

  82. niwtonnac

    niwtonnac12 soat oldin

    Yessss! An E36!!

  83. Elliot Ellis

    Elliot Ellis12 soat oldin

    “Rally car” give it a honking turbo and some anti-lag.

  84. Eric Hollaway

    Eric Hollaway12 soat oldin

    👁👄👁 My face when I put two and two together and realized I went to high school with Zach. What’s up Zach!

  85. Ronald Spurlock

    Ronald Spurlock13 soat oldin

    coulda just bought a gm b or d body from 94 to 96 and gone wild another option would be a ford panther platform probably be more reliable to

  86. François Dillinger

    François Dillinger13 soat oldin

    Yessss! That's awesome thanks for picking a BMW! It could have been better like something like an f30 with an n54, N55 or B58 lol but bmw is bmw and it could have been worse

  87. JR Claridad

    JR Claridad13 soat oldin

    Love this! I will be following. I have a E36 316i sedan with a S52B32 swap, Stage 2 Active Autowerke supercharger kit.

  88. jeremy bogdon

    jeremy bogdon13 soat oldin

    Thank you for increasing the value of my 95 m3

  89. IJ AWD E36

    IJ AWD E3614 soat oldin

    Nice choice in car Zach, but then again I may be biased 🐼

  90. Vade Crew

    Vade Crew14 soat oldin

    I knew it was an e36

  91. Ryan Calvert

    Ryan Calvert14 soat oldin

    Lol I called it! BMW for the win

  92. Jack Borcherding

    Jack Borcherding14 soat oldin

    Love the car, but I’m sorry I just hate the color lmao there’s a reason it’s rare hahaha

  93. Infamousbk

    Infamousbk14 soat oldin

    Please manual swap this

  94. Brian Baier

    Brian Baier14 soat oldin

    Friggen sweet!!

  95. Melo Kix

    Melo Kix14 soat oldin

    So a bootleg shitcar

  96. Remi Vang

    Remi Vang15 soat oldin

    Coincidence that MCM is also doing a BMW but LS swap instead?

  97. Xavier Irizarry

    Xavier Irizarry15 soat oldin

    I can't believe I called an E36 as soon as the tow truck was backing it in from just the duck wing lol. I'm genuinely surprised I was right when I'm always wrong. Super cool tho!

  98. OMGitsAKL _YT

    OMGitsAKL _YT15 soat oldin

    I called it I knew it was an e36

  99. IceBlue

    IceBlue15 soat oldin

    next project car.....80's Pontiac Trans-Am *sigh* a man can dream.....

  100. Sky

    Sky15 soat oldin

    When i looked at the front end ik the car already


    IS THIS LOSS15 soat oldin

    No way it was 4500 :/


    GNAFILMS15 soat oldin

    E36s and e46s are the pinnacle of BMW

  103. sienile

    sienile15 soat oldin

    Considering the show's name, you couldn't have picked a better car. However, I'm not to I'm not too fond of cars that Break My Wallet, but since you guys seem to have plenty of sponsor money to throw at it the Bitch Might Work. But you still might want to Bring Mechanics With on the drive just in case, because there's still a good chance all this is still a Big Money Waste.

  104. WorkableWax

    WorkableWax15 soat oldin

    i cant wait for the automatic piloit weight/bushing to make a famous inconvenience